Synergy Introduction

Synergy International Asset Management Group is an asset management and financial service group with the leading financial technology. We are dedicated to introduce the international advanced financial services, concepts and products to China’s capital market and are making the intensive effort to offer our clients the high quality and efficient services. Headquartered in Michigan, Synergy maintains the regional headquarter in Beijing, China.
Synergy International Asset Management currently consists of four specialized companies, owns Security Fund Licenses, Private Equity Fund Licenses, Venture Capital Fund License, issued by Chinese government. Synergy provides a wide range of financial services including counseling and consultants, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, security investment funds, cash management, risk management, fixed income, derivatives, individual, family and institutional wealth management, capital market and investment research, to companies, institutions, governments and high net worth individuals and families.
Synergy’s leading management team holds Ph.D and MAs in Economics, CFA, and other financial professional certificates,  has the comprehensive international financial backgrounds, the work experiences with Citigroup, Ford’s Treasury Department and other leading global corporations in North America, owns the extensive practical experiences in security investment, fixed income, derivatives, risk management and funding, mergers and acquisitions.
As implied by Synergy itself, the founders believe that a strong integrated professional financial platform built through synergism, will help our domestic and international clients benefit from the extensive financial and asset management solutions. Our clients will not only be able to understand the local market, culture and industry, but also be able to enjoy the high-quality financial services brought by a group of international professionals.