Security Investment And Funds

Our management team has more than 20 years of research and practice experience in China security market, nearly 10 years of research and practice experience in U.S. capital market. We are engaged with kinds of domestic and international asset classes and financial derivatives, and are very confident to provide funds and investment advices to companies, institutions, individuals and families. The asset classes cover stocks, bonds, commodities, currency, options, swaps, hedge funds, etc.

Through the private equity funds under managed, we offer our clients all types of securities, investment products and portfolio. The private equity funds we managed take advantages our distinct investment strategy and the efficient trading and risk control systems.

We have established a complete risk management system, which manages the risks of the whole investment process to make sure that the risk is controlled at every step of the operation.

We truly believe that "Value Investment is Heart, Risk Management is Key". This investment philosophy helps us to pursue absolute returns and achieve the sustainable returns, through integrating multiple strategies, reducing portfolio volatility, and managing risks.