Wealth Management

We have more than 10 years of practical experience in the cash management in the U.S. and had managed more than $2 billion cash. We manage our institutional clients’ cash by trading fixed income securities and money market funds to ensure safety and liquidity. Our clients consist of large corporations, financial institutions, and investment funds. One of our core team member holds US Treasurer Professional Certificate. Our treasury services include software selection, feasibility analysis, business process improvement and cost control.

We offer financial advisor services to high net worth individuals and families. Our services cover portfolio management, financial advisory, brokerage and other transaction services. We focus on individual and family’s persistent wealth growth and asset safety, and provide our clients the comprehensive financial advices including investment, tax, retirement, insurance, education, and real estate. Our strong oversea background and nearly 10 years of experience in personal wealth management in the U.S., ensure us to provide oversea asset management services to the high net worth individuals and families in China.